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2 responses to “Speakers

  1. nightcaller

    Just a question…why are most of the speakers comes from the “other” side?

    Suggest the organisers to rope in pro-establishment speakers too like Aspan Alias, A voice, Parpukari or even Wenger Khairy….to balance up the forum.


  2. Dear nightcaller:

    Som of the names you mentioned had been pursued, but not fruitful. I responded to a similar query from Rahul on the precdedingpost on our rogramme. I reproduce here the reply, parts of which are relevant:

    ” ylchong
    May 14, 2010 at 3:35 pm

    Dear Rahul SK:

    Thanks for your interest in attending BUM2010.Fee payable is RM60; go to REGISTRATION for details.

    Yes, we did have a Speaker from UMNO Dr Ashraf Majidi for the evening session, but an overseas assignment last week required his withdrawal. Co-chair Rockybru is still trying to get a replacement speaker — I hear he’s a strongman from an UMNO division somewhere in KL.

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