BUM 2010 from the Blogosphere

…. and media. This is from the Star dated 15th May 2010

A Little Taffer’s Room: BUM 4th Edition 2010: Be There!

Rocky Bru: Soh free Malaysia Today

Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad’s blog: BUM 2010

Malaysian Cartoons’ blog: BUM 2010

Mustafar K Anuar’s blog: BUM do in Subang Jaya

Nathaniel Tan: Selepas Tsunami now online & BUM 2010

Eyes Wide Open: BUM 2010

Cakap Tak Serupa Bikin: Bloggers’ Night: BUM 2010

Loyarburok: Bloggers’ Universe 2010

Loyarburok: Haris Ibrahim desperately seeks Zul Noordin

The People’s Parliament: Desperately Seeking Zul Nordin

Desiderata: 12 days’ countdown to BUM2010

Malaysia Today: BUM 2010 on May 22

If you had blogged about our upcoming BUM 2010 on your blog(s), DO let us know! We would love to put your link up on our page. Just email us at bum-registration@sdscom.biz.


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