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Bum 2010: The “Allah” Session by Shamsul Yunus

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SatD’s Pre-Event Analysis

Bloggers slam lawyer for “racist” means in dealing with issues facing the Indian community.

P. Uthayakumar found himself at the wrong end of the stick at the final session of Bum10 yesterday after he attacked  and blamed authorities, the media, MIC and about everyone else for the plight of the Indian community in Malaysia.Big Dog (read his latest take on BUM and YB Dr Zul, who shared the same panel with Uthayakumar) took the first bite at the Hindraf Party leader, who spent about 18 months in detention under ISA for his involvement in the 25/11/2007 Hindraf protest. Uthaya dropped fellow lawyer and blogger Haris Ibrahim’s name a couple of times to lend credibility to himself, till Haris himself had to take the mic to clear his name and tick off Uthaya for not getting the message. Not sure if Uthaya got any of it in the end.

But kudos to the Hindraf man for sticking out his neck and in his own way helping make BUM10 a success. Politicians from both sides of the divide have taken notice of BUM. For the first time, it had a Menteri Besar – Selangor’s Khalid Ibrahim – in attendance and a Cabinet Minister – FT and Urban Well-being Minister Raja Nong Chik – to give a special address. Teresa Kok, Khalid Samad, and Dr Zulkifli Ahmad were among the Pakatan politicians who spoke. Umno’s Akramshah was a panelist and Tun Faisal, the head of new media from Umno Youth, participated.

There was talk of inviting the Prime Minister for next year’s BUM.
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Defending “Allah” at Bloggers Universe Malaysia 2010, live feed by Shamsul Yunus, at http://www.livestream.com/malaysia4all


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